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Netatmo’s Weather Station now combined with WeatherPro for iOS & Android

Samsung-Galaxy-S4-WProUpdate: The Netatmo Weather Station’s data can now be integrated into the Android & iPad app WeatherPro.

Netatmo’s Urban Weather Station data will now be accessible via MeteoGroup’s award-winning iOS & Android app WeatherPro. This cooperation allows users to combine MeteoGroup’s global weather data with the hyperlocal data of the Netatmo Personal Weather Station to get a complete overview of the weather conditions and forecast.

Netatmo’s Urban Weather Station, designed for iPhone, iPad and Android devices allows users to monitor indoor and outdoor environmental elements including temperature, humidity, air pressure, CO2 levels and more. In addition to these measurements, the Netatmo App sends real time notifications for special events (CO2 level too high, plunge in temperature etc.), giving users the possibility to adapt their activities and enhance their comfort, indoors and outdoors.

The data of the Personal Weather Station can now be accessed on WeatherPro. weather_pro_view

Fred Potter, CEO, Netatmo explained: “Air quality and weather conditions are a daily concern for city residents around the globe.  By integrating air quality sensors into an easy-to-use personal weather station and then making this information accessible via WeatherPro, we’re able to help users improve their indoor wellness and adapt their outdoor activities – creating a better way of life for everyone.”

The combination of Netatmo’s hyperlocal real time data of indoors and outdoors with the accurate and comprehensive forecast data on WeatherPro, allows users to get a precise outline of global and local weather conditions.

David Kaiser, MeteoGroup Head of Consumer commented: “WeatherPro is the most comprehensive and accurate weather app available and we are always looking for new and exciting ways to add more and more value to it. iTunes recently announced that WeatherPro is in the top 25 best-selling apps of all time in parts of Europe and this success is down to the on-going developments, such as this partnership with Netatmo, which add real value for our customers.”

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